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After Repeated Miscarriages, Chika Delivers Healthy Baby With Dr. Rad’s Help

Chika Saito is no stranger to complicated pregnancies. Overwhelmed by miscarriages, ovarian cysts, and dilation and curettage (DNC) procedures, she still had the perseverance to connect with high-risk pregnancy and maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Steve Rad.

Chika’s daunting journey began the first time she got pregnant; she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in May of 2022. Her gynecologist, Dr. Susan Morrison, performed a DNC. Chika then had an ovarian cyst removed by the same doctor in August.

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Her next early pregnancy loss occurred the following year. Dr. Morrison referred her to Dr. Rad because she suspected a missed miscarriage.

“After a positive pregnancy test, my previous doctor found that I might have had a miscarriage with my next pregnancy, and she recommended me to see Dr. Rad before confirming it because she knew there was better equipment at his office,” says Chika, 35, who had her first appointment the next day. “I didn’t have any symptoms, so discovering that I had a cyst happened because his nurse was using ultrasound to get more information for DNC, and she had difficulty seeing my left ovary; then Dr. Rad found the ovary was filled with the cyst.”

Chika had the cyst removed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Dr. Rad assisted the surgeon. “Seeing him in the operating room made me feel safe and confident,” remembers Chika, a well-known 3D visual artist in the film industry. “Finding that was like a miracle because even if I become pregnant again in the future, I would have had difficulty making a baby grow healthy with the cyst.”

How to help Chika with repeated miscarriages?

Chicka was determined not to have a third miscarriage. Working with Dr. Rad, she had all the pieces in place for a successful pregnancy.

“When I became pregnant again, I contacted Dr. Rad immediately. He and his fantastic team, Brittany, Alysa, Laurice, and Eva. They are very thoughtful, skilled, and kind, and they made us feel comfortable and enjoyed getting ready to be a parent.”

Chika benefited from Dr. Rad’s specialized recurrent pregnancy loss program, which is customized to fit the needs of each mother. Key to the program (and ensuring every miscarriage story has a happy ending) is increased monitoring. Patients have frequent ultrasounds and blood tests starting in the first trimester. These tests allow Dr. Rad to monitor the patient’s health and the baby’s development.

Treatments such as progesterone, baby aspirin, Heparin, Clomid, and autoimmune treatments may be used depending on the patient’s health and risk of miscarrying. The goal is to improve uterine blood flow and address any maternal medical conditions that could put the pregnancy at risk.

“This program involves intense monitoring,” says Dr. Rad. “We have extensive experience with recurrent miscarriage and great success over the years.”

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How the recurrent loss program worked for Chika

Dr. Rad stays particularly close to his high-risk patients, and Chika was no exception. “We had checkups quite often throughout my pregnancy to make sure we caught anything unusual and track the baby’s growth as well,” says Chika.

Besides in-person office visits, the treatment plan involved Dr. Rad and his team communicating virtually with the expectant mom.

“We had group chats via text with the doctor and nurses from his office. I could ask questions or bring up any concerns,” says Chika. “We still stay in touch. They ask me how my baby and my life are as a mom, or I share the baby’s photos and update his activity. They told me we are like a family, and I am grateful for all their support, care, and love for babies.”

A healthy baby boy!

Chika gave birth to her rainbow baby on August 27, 2023, at Cedars-Sinai with no complications. Her little boy’s name is Daimu, which means “Big Dream” in Japanese. The healthy baby weighed in at 8 pounds and was 20.5 inches long.

And don’t think for a minute that Chika isn’t beaming about the care she received.

“[Dr. Rad] always dedicated his time to each of his patients and made sure he was on top of his patients’ and babies’ situation and walked us through every detail,” says Chika. “Dr. Rad and his team took away all our worries and concerns.”

Chika adds that her experience is fabulous, but she’s sure all expectant mothers receive the same high-level care.

“The reason why we are having a beautiful family right now is all thanks to Dr. Rad. He saved my life and helped me deliver my very first child safely and peacefully,” she says. “For anyone looking for a great, loving, and caring doctor, we proudly recommend him. Thank you very much, Dr. Rad, from the bottom of our hearts, for letting us have the most magical time of our life.”

Chika - Dr. Rad Patient Stories

Why choose high-risk OB/GYN Dr. Rad?

Expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies worldwide are finding their way to OB/GYN Dr. Steve Rad’s Beverly Hills offices. Dr. Rad is recognized as one of the premier high-risk pregnancy and maternal-fetal medicine physicians anywhere across the globe. Dr. Rad has been named a top Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine for six years.

Dr. Rad also has expertise in infertility treatments (IVF and IUI), clotting issues, placenta abnormalities, ectopic pregnancies, and trying to conceive (TTC) after miscarriage.

Double-board certified Dr. Rad uses innovative 3D and 4D High-Definition ultrasound technology available only in a few places worldwide. Dr. Rad and his pregnancy care team have expertise in performing and interpreting Early Fetal Scans and Echocardiograms that facilitate the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities in 11-week to 16-week scans. Dr. Rad has undergone extensive training in fetal echocardiography, sonography, and interpretation of early fetal scans under the auspices of the world’s leading specialists in the United Kingdom, Austria, Israel, and the United States.

Dr. Rad offers in-home prenatal care and a fly-in program for out-of-town and international patients. Dr. Rad travels to patients who need him throughout the U.S. and worldwide. The doctor offers virtual consultations worldwide.

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