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The US Government Releases Top Baby Names (2024)

Liam and Olivia lead the way, but there’s a surprise!

Are you curious about the most popular baby names of 2023? The US Social Security Administration has released its annual list, and once again, Liam and Olivia have topped the charts. For the fifth consecutive year, these names have been the most chosen for boys and girls, respectively.

Top US Baby Names 2023

For the first time, Mateo has entered the boys’ top 10, jumping from number 11 in 2022 to number six in 2023!

It’s the first distinctly Latino name to appear in the top 10 boys’ names. However, Matteo also has appeal across multiple cultures — as do all names that manage to reach the list’s top tier.

More than 11,000 babies were named Mateo last year in the US. The name, meaning “gift of God,” first entered the top 1,000 in 1995. By 2015, it was in the top 100, and its popularity keeps growing.

Graph showing the rising popularity of Matteo as a baby name

Top baby names for boys in 2023

  1. Liam continues to be a favorite among parents, maintaining its position as the most popular boy’s name.
  2. Noah remains a strong contender, securing the second spot once again.
  3. Oliver holds onto third place, showcasing its enduring appeal.
  4. James is a classic name that returned to spot four in 2022.
  5. Elijah rounds out the top five, a testament to its increasing popularity.
  6. Mateo is the only new addition to the top 10 this year, knocking Benjamin off the list.
  7. Theodore held spot 10 in 2022, but made its way up to seventh in 2023!
  8. Henry had a slight dip to spot eight in 2023, but maintains its spot in the top 10.
  9. Lucas continues to be a favorite, ranking ninth.
  10. William dropped from spot six, but holds onto a top 10 spot.

Top baby names for girls in 2023

  1. Olivia retains its position as the top name for girls, continuing a five-year streak.
  2. Emma is consistently popular, holding onto the second spot for the fifth year in a row.
  3. Charlotte remains a favorite, ranking third among the top names for girls.
  4. Amelia’s popularity stays strong, holding onto the fourth spot.
  5. Sophia holds on to spot five with alternate spelling Sofia landing in spot 12!
  6. Mia continues to be a popular name, rising from spot eight to six!
  7. Isabella sees a slight drop to spot seven.
  8. Ava continues to charm parents, ranking eighth.
  9. Evelyn’s classic appeal keeps it in the top 10.
  10. Luna rounds out the list, remaining a popular name for girls.
Graph showing baby name popularity by state
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Top baby names around the world

The popularity of baby names can vary significantly around the world due to cultural, linguistic, and historical factors. Here’s an overview of the top names in different countries:

United Kingdom

Top 5 Boys Names: Muhammad, Noah, Theo, Leo, Oliver

Top 5 Girls Names: Olivia, Amelia, Isla, Lily, Ava


Top 5 Boys Names: Noah, Liam, Oliver, Elijah, Mateo

Top 5 Girls Names: Olivia, Emma, Amelia, Sophia, Charlotte


Top 5 Boys Names: Oliver, Noah, Leo, William, Henry

Top 5 Girls Names: Charlotte, Amelia, Isla, Olivia, Mia


Top 5 Boys’ Names: Noah, Matteo, Leon, Paul, Emil

Top 5 Girls’ Names: Sophia, Emilia, Emma, Mia, Hanna


Top 5 Boys’ Names: Ao, Haruto, Haru, Ritsu, Aoi

Top 5 Girls’ Names: Himari, Rin, Tsumugi, Yua/Yuna, Mio

The consistency of names like Liam and Olivia in the US highlights their enduring appeal among parents. Meanwhile, the introduction of Mateo into the top 10 for boys suggests a growing trend.

For girls, Olivia’s dominance shows no sign of waning, while names like Emma, Charlotte, and Amelia continue to captivate. The inclusion of Luna and the sustained popularity of names like Evelyn and Ava indicate a blend of classic and modern influences in naming trends.

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