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Get a Second Opinion on Your High-Risk Pregnancy

Los Angeles maternal-fetal medicine expert Dr. Steve Rad is available for in-person and virtual second opinion consults. Getting a second opinion from Dr. Rad — a highly specialized and nationally known expert in obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine (perinatology), and high-risk pregnancies — gives parents-to-be extra confidence in their medical decisions.

What is a second opinion?

In the realm of healthcare, a second opinion refers to the proactive decision by a patient to consult another medical expert or specialist after receiving an initial diagnosis or treatment plan.

By opting for a second opinion, you open doors to fresh perspectives and insights into your health. The second doctor will carefully examine your medical history and offer their own expert interpretation of your condition, diagnosis, or treatment plan. Moreover, they may present alternative treatment options than those recommended by your primary healthcare provider.

Doctors are usually very comfortable with a patient’s decision to get a second opinion. In fact, you might find that your current doctor will refer you to a specialist or encourage you to see another doctor before you even ask.

Why might you want a doctor’s second opinion about a high-risk pregnancy?

A second opinion offers a patient or couple more comfort about the mother and baby’s healthcare. Often, those having a risky pregnancy or those in a high-risk category who are considering becoming pregnant, turn to Dr. Rad after visiting their primary care doctor or obstetrician.

Proactive decision-making allows expectant parents to be more thoroughly informed about their condition and treatment options.

Tips for successfully finding the right doctor for your high-risk pregnancy second opinion

Below are some key points to consider when seeking a second opinion:

Finding a provider

If you are unable to work with Dr. Rad and don’t have a recommendation from your current healthcare provider, look for a specialist in your area with experience in your condition.

It’s important to check the track record of potential providers. Look for indicators of high-quality care, such as positive patient outcomes, involvement in research programs that contribute to the development of new treatments, and patient reviews.

Checking insurance coverage

Check with your insurance provider to understand the extent of your coverage. Your insurance provider may also have a search function to find specialists that accept your insurance.

Scheduling the appointment

When requesting your appointment, confirm that the specialist has ample experience in treating your specific condition or concern. This ensures that you’ll be consulting with an expert who is knowledgeable about your medical needs.

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Gathering your medical records

Prepare for the appointment by gathering all relevant medical records, including copies of scans, exams, previous treatment details, blood tests, and pathology slides. Having these records readily available will help the new specialist gain a comprehensive understanding of your medical history.

Clarify your expectations

Clearly communicate your goals and expectations for seeking a second opinion. Are you seeking confirmation that your current treatment recommendation is appropriate for you? Or are you interested in exploring alternative options?

Communicating with the doctor

During your consultation with the new specialist, explain why you’re seeking a second opinion and clearly articulate your primary needs for the visit. This will help the specialist provide focused recommendations and address any specific concerns you may have.

This is also your opportunity to see if the specialist is a good fit for you and takes your concerns seriously.

Planning for your next steps

Consider your plan for next steps after receiving the second opinion. Determine whether you need to transfer your care to the new specialist to pursue the recommended treatment options. Alternatively, assess whether the treatment plan can be communicated to your original doctor for ongoing care.

Remember, seeking a second opinion is your right as a patient and can provide valuable insights and peace of mind. We hope that these guidelines help you can navigate the second-opinion process more effectively and make informed decisions about your healthcare.

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