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Women are skipping out on motherhood because everything is awful, Dr. Steve Rad is helping patients navigate worries about lacking support systems and financial strain amid ongoing COVID-19 uncertainties.

Dr. Rad in the NYPost: Why are Women Skipping Motherhood

Dr. Steve Rad is helping patients navigate the decision to forego pregnancy amid ongoing COVID-19's looming impact.

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‘Top Chef’ Marcel Vigneron & Lauren Rae Levy Throw Intimate Virtual Shower Ahead Of Rainbow Baby’s Arrival

‘Top Chef’ Throws Virtual Baby Shower and Thanks OB/GYN Dr. Rad

The Levy-Vigneron's found a safe way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their rainbow baby with a perfectly splendid virtual shower!

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Can Eating Too Much Sour Candy Really Make Your Tongue Peel, Dr Rad shares advice

Dr. Rad on Food Network: Sour Candy and Tongue Health

Can too much sour candy make your tongue peel? Dr. Rad weighs in on Chrissy Teigen's experience and pregnancy oral health.

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How To Stay Healthy In Areas With Poor Air Quality

Staying Healthy Even With Poor Air Quality: Dr. Rad’s Advice in What’s Good Magazine

During fire season, it can be difficult to stay healthy. Dr. Rad offered his advice in "What's Good" to help you stay healthy when air…

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