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Dr. Rad Named in Top Forty Under 40 by Beverly Hills Living

Forty Under 40: Steve Rad MD

Dr. Steve Rad’s work in treating high-risk pregnancies, his exceptional patient care, and dedication to education make him an influential leader in his field.

Dr. Steve Rad

Steve Rad MD, 39

Los Angeles Fetal Maternal Care Center & Rainbow Clinic. Maternal Fetal Medicine/ Perinatologist/ High Risk Pregnancy OBGYN

“As a doctor, nothing beats the joy of holding a newborn in your hands and seeing the relief and happiness on a mother’s face. This feeling is magnified when that mother has had previous pregnancy losses,” shares Dr. Steve Rad, a renowned expert in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Guided by a deep commitment to maternal and fetal care, Dr. Rad has built a distinguished career that spans the globe. His exceptional skills in diagnosing and managing fetal abnormalities, advanced early fetal ultrasound, multiple gestations, and maternal pregnancy complications have set him apart in his field.

As the CEO and Medical Director of his high-risk pregnancy center, he offers private, personalized, concierge-style care to all his patients. While he is known to be the high risk pregnancy specialist and delivering obstetrician for some celebrities and high-profile international patients alike, he treats all his patients with the same level of highly personalized and close care and monitoring regardless. Despite all his accomplishments thus far, it’s his recent achievement of opening the second Certified Rainbow Clinic in the USA that he considers a career highlight. “This clinic, dedicated solely to women who’ve experienced previous pregnancy losses, fills a critical need,” Rad says. “It’s a place where hope is born again.” He monitors patients very closely and follows stringent protocols that he developed himself and are in sync with the international Rainbow Clinic network.

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Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Rad has dedicated himself to education, founding his own ultrasound academy, leadership, and participating in fetal medicine and ultrasound organizations internationally. He also chairs the Coding Committee for the national Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine, and is on medical staff at a number of hospitals in Los Angeles, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCLA Santa Monica, and Providence. Dr. Rad is very accomplished for his age, having started college at age 15 and graduating from medical school by age 23. He was dubbed Doogie Howser by friends, family and colleagues growing up.

Accolades aside, what defines Dr. Rad is his undeniable commitment to his patients.

“Being a perinatologist isn’t just about treating high-risk pregnancies, it’s about providing comfort and reassurance during one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life. That is my ultimate reward.”

He recently made news for caring for and delivering a set of quadruplets on 4th of July (4 on the 4th) at full term and without any complications for one of his Rainbow Clinic patients – quadruplet pregnancies are rare and to have such a great outcome is even rarer! Dr. Rad reminisces that when he was a student, he would always gaze at his mentor’s plaque of a news article about the Professor delivering quadruplets in the 1990s…he dreamed and manifested that it would be him one day on his own plaque, and finally the day has come!

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