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Melody Left Nothing To Chance Consulting Dr. Rad With Trouble-Free Pregnancy

Melody Left Nothing To Chance Consulting Dr. Rad With Trouble-Free Pregnancy

When Melody Soroudi became pregnant, she wanted an accomplished doctor to deliver her baby. Although her pregnancy was not expected to be particularly difficult, she wanted the best care no matter what happened during the following nine months.

After checking with potential doctors at UCLA, she was told it would be nine weeks until she could be seen. Melody took one more home pregnancy test to make sure she was a go and then called Dr. Steve Rad, who told her to come in the next day.

“I was looking for a good doctor,” says Melody, 32, a tax and estate planning attorney. “And I knew I wanted to have a cesarean.

When to see a high-risk pregnancy doctor

Melody is one of a growing number of pregnant women who don’t have a risky pregnancy, haven’t had any trouble with previous pregnancies, and are choosing to see a maternal-fetal medicine specialist anyway.

“Everyone thinks we only see women who already have problems,” says Dr. Rad, selected by his peers as one of Los Angeles’ best maternal/fetal specialists. “This is not true.”

According to Dr. Rad, if there’s one thing predictable about pregnancies, it’s that they are all unpredictable. Seeing him adds a layer of protection to even an easy pregnancy.

“There’s actually no such thing as a low-risk pregnancy,” explains Dr. Rad. “Every pregnancy is at risk of complications.”

Melody selected Dr. Rad in case she became high-risk. If something came up, she wouldn’t have to search for a different doctor who could handle her problem.

Says Dr. Rad, “We can handle preterm, pregnancy, fetal care, maternal care, post-partum, and long-term women’s health.”

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Melody’s journey with Dr. Rad

Melody found that visits to Dr. Rad’s office were friendly and quite informative. “I had an ultrasound on every visit,” says Melody, who saw the doctor in person every two weeks. “That means I got to see my baby every time.”

Close monitoring can help catch and manage any complications that could make a pregnancy high-risk. Double-board certified Dr. Rad uses innovative 3D and 4D high-definition ultrasound technology available in only a few places worldwide.

After an uneventful pregnancy under the care of Dr. Rad, Melody paid a visit to the maternity ward at Cedars Saini Medical Center. Once there, the chief of nursing walked her through what was going to happen during her C-section.

“It was nice,” Melody says. “Because I don’t like surprises.”

After giving birth to her baby girl

Mia — who is almost one year old — has turned out to be a beautiful, happy little girl.

“I feel lucky and blessed,” Melody says, adding she’s already alerted Dr. Rad that they plan on having a second child with him as their doctor. “Our baby’s amazing. She began sleeping through the night at two months. It was incredible seeing her first smile and laugh.”

Melody has kept in contact with Dr. Rad’s office. “If I send photos of the baby, he always responds,” says Melody. “I can’t imagine going to any other doctor.”

Why trust your healthy pregnancy to Dr. Rad?

Expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies worldwide are finding their way to Dr. Steve Rad’s Beverley Hills offices. Dr. Rad is recognized as one of the premier healthcare obstetricians for high-risk pregnancy and maternal-fetal medicine. Los Angeles Magazine has named the doctor an OB/GYN top maternal-fetal medicine specialist in Los Angeles for six years.

A maternal-fetal medicine specialist (perinatologist) receives a traditional obstetrics and gynecology education but with an additional three years of training to treat pregnancy complications and promote a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Rad handles pregnancy-related health problems and pre-existing medical conditions that could impact pregnancy, including gestational diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), genetic conditions, preterm labor, anemia, preeclampsia, stillbirth and pregnancy loss, chromosomal problems (such as Down Syndrome), advanced maternal age, kidney disease, genetic disorders, multiple gestation (twins or triplets), placenta disorder, and congenital birth defects.

Dr. Rad offers in-home prenatal care and a fly-in program for out-of-town and international patients. He travels to patients who need him throughout the U.S. and worldwide and offers virtual consultations.

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