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Eli Puts Past Miscarriage Woes Aside to Safely Deliver with Dr. Rad’s Caring Expertise

Eli Hoy’s first tragic pregnancy occurred in London on Jan. 12, 2022, smack dab in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Until that Wednesday, her pregnancy had been uneventful and joyful. She’d met with her pleasant midwife several times and was planning a home birth. 

Eli Hoy safely deliver with Dr Rads caring expertise

But that day, she began to labor at home, and her midwife noticed her blood pressure registered higher than usual. It was decided that seeing a National Health Service (NHS) doctor at the hospital would be wise. That’s where the trouble began. Because of the exponential number of Covid cases, no rooms were available, and a lack of equipment. Weary from the delay, her midwife left the hospital at 3 a.m. 

“At that point, everything that could go wrong did go wrong,” remembers Eli, 41, adding that another midwife was brought to help with the birth. “The new midwife couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat and failed to call for help. 

Finally admitted to a room, the midwife told Eli to begin pushing. The NHS staff rushed in and told Eli that she wasn’t dilated. They reached in with forceps and performed a vaginal delivery. The baby had no heartbeat because he had been without oxygen for too long.  

“Sadly, although the hospital has protocol in place for how/when to escalate a situation when they can’t find a heartbeat during labor, the midwife did not follow protocol,” says Eli. “Elton’s life was put in jeopardy, along with mine.” 

The suspected cause of the neo-natal death was placenta abruption. He lived for only 35 minutes after he was born at term (38.5 weeks) 

His name was Elton. 

“I never would have fathomed this would happen after such an easy pregnancy,” says Eli. 

Recurrent pregnancy loss. What to do?

The following May, after grieving the loss of Elton, Eli, a marketing executive at Netflix, became pregnant again. After her positive pregnancy test, she contacted her brother in Los Angeles the next day and asked him to research the top high-risk pregnancy and maternal-fetal medicine physician he could find. 

Dr. Steve Rad was the clear winner. 

“She initially set up telehealth visits with us to go over her traumatic birth-loss experience from her first and current pregnancy,” remembers Dr. Rad. 

While having those appointments, she and the doctor planned for her to move back to the United States. But Eli miscarried again, and the plan to relocate was scuttled. 

“The early miscarriage was a cruel reality of the universe,” says Eli. “At that point, we put everything on pause.” 

There was no cause determined for the second miscarriage. 

Dr. Rad with baby Beau
Dr. Rad with Eli’s healthy baby boy Beau

The third time is the charm

They took a break from trying to conceive (TTC). 

Hoping she could avoid another miscarriage with her subsequent pregnancy, the couple was eventually ready to try again using in vitro fertilization (IVF). Although commonly used as an infertility treatment, IVF can also potentially improve pregnancy outcomes in people struggling with recurring spontaneous miscarriages. 

After becoming pregnant a third time, Eli and her husband moved from London back to Los Angeles because of her job in November 2022. 

This change was fortunate because it put Eli closer to Dr. Rad during her last trimester, where he would lead Eli safely through her pregnancy. 

“We helped Eli on the next steps during her journey to LA and ensured this would be a safe and comforting pregnancy outcome,” remembers Dr. Rad. 

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Is there a treatment for the risk of miscarriage with unknown causes? 

While there are numerous possible causes of pregnancy loss, many women suffer what is called unexplained pregnancy loss. Dr. Rad and his team have a specialized recurrent pregnancy loss program designed to help these women carry full-term healthy pregnancies. After a thorough consultation and evaluation, the program is customized to each mother’s medical history.  

“This program involves intense monitoring,” says Dr. Rad, pointing out why he advised Eli to move closer to his office. “We have extensive experience with recurrent miscarriage and great success over the years. Each increased risk patient is given a specialized plan.” 

Often, patients require serial ultrasound scans beyond the “standard” 8-week and 20-week scans. To help pregnant patients reach a happy ending to their miscarriage story, Dr. Rad’s treatment plan may also utilize extra blood tests to monitor hCG levels as well as progesterone, aspirin, Heparin, and autoimmune protocols. 

And additional treatments to promote a healthy pregnancy. Treatment may include progesterone, aspirin, Heparin, and an autoimmune protocol. The goal is to improve uterine blood flow, treat undiagnosed immune or blood problems, and prevent dangerous blood clots to promote a healthy pregnancy. 

Eli’s story has a happy ending

Dr. Rad’s program worked! Eli delivered a successful pregnancy on her scheduled due date. On July 22, 2023, little Beau was born with no complications. They call him their “rain-Beau” baby. 

“I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Dr Rad and his office. After a traumatic and devastating full-term loss in my first pregnancy, I found Dr Rad and have never felt safer and well taken care of,” beams Eli. “His knowledge, precision, compassion, and expertise gave my husband and me peace of mind throughout the journey from the first time we met him.  

We are beyond grateful that Dr. Rad brought our healthy baby boy safely into this world and that we felt so supported and cared for along the way. He truly gave us our success story.” 

A thank you cake from Eli. "Thank you for giving us our rain-Beau!"
A thank you cake from Eli. “Thank you for giving us our rain-Beau!”

Why travel to see Dr. Rad? 

Expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies worldwide are finding their way to OB/GYN Dr. Steve Rad’s Beverley Hills offices. Dr. Rad is recognized as one of the premier high-risk pregnancy and maternal-fetal medicine physicians anywhere across the globe. Dr. Rad has been named a top Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine for six years. 

A maternal-fetal medicine specialist (perinatologist) receives a traditional obstetrics and gynecology education but with an additional three years of training to treat medical complications and promote a healthy pregnancy. 

If you’ve experienced ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy loss, missed miscarriages, chemical pregnancy, or other pregnancy complications in the past, there is still hope. With fertility treatments, extra monitoring, and Dr. Rad’s skilled team, you can still have a successful pregnancy. 

Dr. Rad offers in-home prenatal care and a fly-in program for out-of-town and international patients. Dr. Rad travels to patients who need him throughout the U.S. and worldwide. The doctor offers virtual consultations worldwide. 

Call (844) 473-6100 or schedule your consultation online. We are currently accepting new patients. 

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